Linda Kelly Testimonial Nate 8

“Sean has been coming to SMART for over twelve years. He still loves every minute of it. He is madly in love with all of the volunteers and Sam is like another mom to him. It is nice to have her as a parenting partner, always keeping him in check, while showing him love and kindness. THANK YOU!!”

Betsy Kennedy


“What a blessing the SMART program was for our son. Along with sensory issues he also can be very anxious especially when trying new things. He overcame his fears and as time went on we noticed a sense of calmness come over him that we hadn’t seen before. After a few times…he just wouldn’t stop talking about it and I have never seen him smile so much. This program gave him such confidence that is priceless.”

Parent of foster child going through adoption process

Hannah 8

- Heather Rosin

Deborah Greenleaf

- The Lombardos

Chris 8

-SMART Parent

Kristen Bohan Testimonial Sue 8 Ilee with Cherokee (web)

-Kristen Bohan, Occupational Therapist and HPOT therapist






-Sue Meduski, Volunteer






-Ilee Finocchiaro, Volunteer

-Deb Hornbeck, Volunteer

Cherokee with Deb
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