Monthly Donation


Monthly Donation

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There has always been something special about the connection between human and horse—-and our SMART Horses prove that every day. Our Horses are patient, gentle and kind—and take their job as “trusty steed” seriously. They also love to be loved on! These attributes, along with creative caring on the part of our Volunteers, make it possible for our SMART Riders to receive the maximum therapeutic experience.

The therapeutic riding and driving programs at SMART are designed to have a positive impact on our rider’s ability to develop life skills. Participation in the program will assist their transition into low- supported or independent functioning within the community where each individual will live, learn, work and play.

Your monthly donation makes it possible for us to touch as many lives as possible. We are so grateful to everyone that gives back to our program. YOU are making a difference in so many lives…THANK YOU!!!!

Monthly Donation

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