Kathy Logli Memorial Award

Each year, we present to a SMART Rider the Kathy Logli Memorial Award for Excellence in memory and honor of our friend, Kathy. Kathy was a SMART volunteer and instructor for many years—and during the time she was with us, she brought lots of laughter, love and joy into her lessons and into her work at SMART. She always showed up at the farm with her beautiful smile and playful spirit—and was always eager to get to the task at hand. She shared her heart and soul with all of us–and she shared her horses, Salsa Baby and Drew (as well as the labor and support of her husband, Peter) with us, too.

We will always miss her, but we will always hold her close to our hearts.

Since 2005, we have annually honored a SMART Rider who “stepped up” and reflected some of the amazing attributes Kathy shared with us: Showing up smiling and ready to work, working hard without complaining, achieving goals and stretching for more, reaching out to others, being a “team player”, never giving up, being a self starter, always caring.

Award Recipients

2019 Recipient

Reese Gurski

2018 Recipient

Cooper Vollmer

2017 Recipient

Nate Allison

2016 Recipient

Sean Kennedy

2015 Recipient

Scot Carpenter

2014 Recipient

Olivia Kester

2013 Recipient

Chris Lombardo

2012 Recipient

Jazzy Fann

2011 Recipient

Jennifer Bartens

2010 Recipient

Mallory Schmidt

2009 Recipient

Rathanak Chandara

2008 Recipient

Cycle Pigott

2007 Recipient

Lindsey Haun

2006 Recipient

Laura Tambone

2005 Recipient

Kaitlyn Richman
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